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If you discover issues or want to contribute a new package, please report them to the issue tracker of the repository or submit a pull request. Please, try to follow these guidelines when you do so.

Issue reporting

  • Check that the issue has not already been reported.
  • Check that the issue has not already been fixed in the latest code (a.k.a. master).
  • Be clear, concise and precise in your description of the problem.
  • Open an issue with a descriptive title and a summary in grammatically correct, complete sentences.
  • Include any relevant code to the issue summary.

Pull requests

  • Use a topic branch to easily amend a pull request later, if necessary.
  • Write good commit messages.
  • Use the same coding conventions as the rest of the project.
  • Ensure your edited codes with four spaces instead of TAB.


如果你发现一些问题或者想贡献一个新的包 那么你可以在issues上提交反馈,或者发起一个提交代码的请求(pull request).


  • 确认这个问题没有被反馈过
  • 确认这个问题最近还没有被修复,请先检查下 master 的最新提交
  • 请清晰详细地描述你的问题
  • 如果发现某些代码存在问题,请在issue上引用相关代码


  • 请先更新你的本地分支到最新,再进行提交代码请求,确保没有合并冲突
  • 编写友好可读的提交信息
  • 请使用余工程代码相同的代码规范
  • 确保提交的代码缩进是四个空格,而不是tab
  • 为了规范化提交日志的格式,commit消息,不要用中文,请用英文描述