Source code for a 360 degree video player and head movement logger for a HMD using the OSVR API
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Content of this folder !

This folder contains the code for a C++ software that communicate with the OSVR Server API to get the orientation of a Head Mounted Display (HMD) and extract the right portion of a 360-Degree video and render it to the HMD.

The folders ``src'' and ``LibAvWrapper'' contains the C++ source code of this software. Some file are there to allow the generation of a Makefile using cmake.

The folder PythonInterface contains some python scripts to run a user test or to perform some data process. This folder contains its own README.

Requirements !!

To compile this software needs:

  • the libav library (from ffmpeg). Becareful to install a recent enough

library because only the last API from the libav library is yet supported

  • the osvr-core and osvr-rendermanager software/libraries from the OSVR

opensource project.

  • a recent version of GCC that support C++14 standard (I currently use

GCC version 6.3.1)

Compilation steps

Create a build directory: > mkdir build Go inside this directory: > cd build Generate the Makefile: > cmake .. Compile the software: > make

Tested platform:

All the codes and scripts were tested on linux: archlinux with up-to-date packages. In theory, the C++ software will work on windows with the windows version of the OSVR API. We never tested it.

We used the Razer OSVR HDK2 Head Mounted Display. The sofware should work as it is with other HMDs such as the Oculus Rift or the HTC Vive if the osvr driver for those HMDs are installed.

We use a Nvidia GE 1060 graphic card.


E-mail: xavier.corbillon[at] Website: