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The emergent swarm matrix pleases and sparkles.

Q: Can people game the system? A: You can only game the system if the system maker hopes to extract meaningful information.

Q: If not meaningful information, then what do you want to extract? A: This is exploratory, for the maker AND the people giving input to the system. People can make many different kinds of meaning.

Q: Why are you recording every input by a person rather than a final input with a submit button? A: What's final? If they learn or think something that adjusts their ideas an instant after they hit an almighty submit, is that evolved idea less relevant? Or is it more relevant and meaningful?

Q: Are all averages the same? A: No. An average could represent 100 people with the same input and two groups of 50 people with exactly opposite opinions. So... we are working to show a representative sample of inputs (show time and location), in addition to average.

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