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Control your computer using hand gesture and kinect
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Control your windows computer using hand gestures and kinect.
More interesting presentation using hand gesture.

Support Hand Gesture: Move Drag Zoom Draw

Required: Kinect OpenNI&&NITE OpenCV

Compile && Run
	1. install openni && nite
		Follow the instructions in
		If you have any problems, please read the following comments or google.
		Make sure that openni && nite samples could run correctly.
	2. install opencv
		compile the source code of opencv or use the binary code.
	3. set path
		Add the bin, lib, include directory in the root directory of openni, nite, opencv to 
		the project bin, lib, include path in vc project settings.
		If you use different versions of openni, nite or opencv, you must change the lib name.
		openni 1.1, nite 1.3.1, opencv 2.1 are employed for the current master branch.
	4. Enable multihands tracking in nite
		Found Nite.ini which locate in the ${NITEROOT}/Hands_*_*_*/Data and uncomment the last two lines.
If you use CIScreen to control you ppt presentation, please set the mouse focus in ppt file. 
Details can be found in docs/CIScreent.pptx

Contact me via github if you have issues, suggestions or need any help regarding this application.
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