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the BotZone AI in your own computer, with ~10s time limit!
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Misaka Cloud Computing Telepathy Suite: the BotZone AI in your own computer


  • Fully utilize the performance of your computer
  • Increase the timeout per turn to 10 seconds (Python client) or 5 seconds (C++ client)
  • Unlock more possibilities with Internet connection


  • A stable network condition
  • A Python 3.7+ environment
  • A BotZone account
  • An executable AI program or Python module

Setting Up

  • pip install -r requirements.txt
  • Upload (Python 3.6.5) or mcc_client.cpp (C++17) to BotZone
  • Run
  • Input your AI's information (See "AI Integrating How-To" below)
  • Input your BotZone login credential
  • Keep the server running forever


  • Select "Basic I/O" on BotZone in regard with your program
  • You can specify FALLBACK_EXECUTABLE in mcc_client that will be used if no answer is received from server
  • Create a file /data/misaka_offline.txt to manually prevent mcc_client from connecting to server
  • To avoid timeout error, keep the execution time of your AI in no more than 8.5 seconds (Python client) or 3.5 seconds (C++ client)
  • If you use a fallback program, keep the execution time of it in no more than 5.7 seconds (Python client) or 0.9 seconds (C++ client)
  • In case of crashes and network failures, you might need to delete /data/misaka_* manually in your user directory
  • Store ["username","password"] into environment variable mcc_credentials so that you will not be prompted to input your credential every time

AI Integrating How-To

If your AI is an executable program:

  • Receive input from stdin and give output to stdout
  • Input your program's path name as prompted

If your AI is a Python module:

  • Expose a function main(inp: str) -> str
  • Input your module's name as prompted
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