Wireless Probe Requests Sniffer
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hoover.pl - Wi-Fi probe requests sniffer

Original idea by David Nelissen (twitter.com/davidnelissen)
Thank to him for allowing me to reuse the idea!

This script scans for wireless probe requests and prints them out.
Hereby you can see for which SSID's devices nearby are searching.

Usage: hoover.pl --interface=wlan0 [--help] [--verbose] [--iwconfig-path=/sbin/iwconfig] [--ipconfig-path=/sbin/ifconfig]
--interface		: Specify the wireless interface to use
--help			: This help
--verbose		: Verbose output to STDOUT
--ifconfig-path		: Path to your ifconfig binary
--iwconfig-path		: Path to your iwconfig binary
--tshark-path		: Path to your tshark binary
--dumpfile		: Save found SSID's/MAC addresses in a flat file (SIGUSR1)