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Ansible playbook to download and deploy Pharo 3


This playbook is the first version to help you download and deploy Pharo 3 on all your serveurs or in cloud.

All you need is Ansible version 1.6 (dev) (should work on 1.5.x but not tested) on your main server and a recent Linux distrib on your remote servers.

To download the latest version you need to use this

ansible-playbook -i hosts download.yml

To deploy it on all your servers

ansible-playbook -i hosts deploy.yml

You must edit the hosts file to adapt it for your needs and declare all your servers. In this playbook the host named controler is always localhost. Then you have to change destRemoteDir in every host_vars/ files. Pharo will be installed in the directory. Each remote can have its own directory.

Now you have no excuse to not test Pharo 3 !

Login on remote servers

By default Ansible will use ssh keys to login. I use this configuration to have keys (~/.ansible.cfg)


Then to use the right user in playbook you have to add this

  user: optimus
  sudo: yes

YAML take care of indentation, so don't forget to double space at the begining.

When playbook is lauch it will use the ssh key and then log into the remote server with optimus as user. All actions will be launched with sudo (root). So be really carefull when you write playooks.

Future playbooks (wishes)

  • Deploy latest version of Pillar
  • Deploy Seaside
  • Launch Zn with listeners
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