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C implementation of the XMiDT client coordinator

XMiDT is a highly scalable, highly available, generic message routing system.

Building and Testing Instructions

mkdir build
cd build
cmake ..
make test

Command line Arguments needed to start parodus

- /hw-model -The hardware model name.

- /hw-serial-number -The serial number.

- /hw-manufacturer -The device manufacturer.

- /hw-mac -The MAC address used to manage the device.

- /hw-last-reboot-reason -The last known reboot reason.

- /fw-name -The firmware name.

- /boot-time -The boot time in unix time.

- /webpa-url -The URL that the WRP client should reach out to. (required). Must begin with 'https://' or 'http://'.  May end with a port number. If no port specified, then 443 is assumed for https, 80 for http.

- /webpa-backoff-max -The maximum value of c in the binary backoff algorithm

- /webpa-ping-timeout -The maximum time to wait between pings before assuming the connection is broken.

- /webpa-interface-used -The device interface being used to connect to the cloud.

- /parodus-local-url -Parodus local server url (optional argument)

- /partner-id -  Partner ID of broadband gateway (optional argument)

- /ssl-cert-path -Provide the certs for establishing secure connection (optional argument)

- /force-ipv4 -Forcefully connect parodus to ipv4 address (optional argument)

- /force-ipv6 -Forcefully connect parodus to ipv6 address (optional argument)

- /client-cert-path -MTLS client cert location to request auth token for establishing secure connection [absolute path where client cert is present] (optional argument)

- /token-server-url -complete server url with API path to request new auth token for establishing secure connection (optional argument)

- /crud-config-file -Config json file to store objects during create, retrieve, update and delete (CRUD) operations -optional argument 

# if ENABLE_SESHAT is enabled
- /seshat-url - The seshat server url 

# if FEATURE_DNS_QUERY is enabled then below mentioned arguments are needed

- /acquire-jwt - this parameter (0 or 1) specifies whether there will be a dns lookup. If not, or if any problem occurs with the dns lookup, then webpa-url will be the target. 

- /dns-txt-url  - this parameter is used along with the hw_mac parameter to create the dns txt record id

- /jwt-algo -Allowed algorithm used for communication

- /jwt-public-key-file -JWT token validation key

# if ENABLE_MUTUAL_AUTH is enabled

- /mtls-client-cert-path - Provide the client cert for establishing a mutual auth secure websocket connection

- /mtls-client-key-path - Provide the client cert key for establishing a mutual auth secure websocket connection

Sample parodus start commands:

# Seshat & FEATURE_DNS_QUERY Enabled

./parodus --hw-model=TGXXX --hw-serial-number=E8GBUEXXXXXXXXX --hw-manufacturer=ARRIS --hw-mac=14cfexxxxxxx --hw-last-reboot-reason=unknown --fw-name=TG1682_DEV_master_20170512115046sdy --boot-time=1494590301 --webpa-ping-timeout=180 --webpa-interface-used=eth0 --webpa-url= --webpa-backoff-max=9 --parodus-local-url=tcp:// --partner-id=comcast --ssl-cert-path=/etc/ssl/certs/ca-certificates.crt --acquire-jwt=1 --jwt-public-key-file=webpa-rs256.pem --jwt-algo=RS256 --seshat-url=tcp:// --client-cert-path=/tmp/clientcert.mch --token-server-url= --force-ipv4 --crud-config-file=/tmp/parodus_cfg.json

# Seshat is not enabled

./parodus --hw-model=TGXXX --hw-serial-number=E8GBUEXXXXXXXXX --hw-manufacturer=ARRIS --hw-mac=14cfexxxxxxx --hw-last-reboot-reason=unknown --fw-name=TG1682_DEV_master_20170512115046sdy --boot-time=1494590301 --webpa-ping-timeout=180 --webpa-interface-used=eth0 --webpa-url= --webpa-backoff-max=9 --parodus-local-url=tcp:// --partner-id=comcast --ssl-cert-path=/etc/ssl/certs/ca-certificates.crt --acquire-jwt=1 --jwt-public-key-file=webpa-rs256.pem --jwt-algo=RS256 --client-cert-path=/tmp/clientcert.mch --token-server-url= --force-ipv4 --crud-config-file=/tmp/parodus_cfg.json

# When both Seshat & FEATURE_DNS_QUERY not Enabled

./parodus --hw-model=TGXXX --hw-serial-number=E8GBUEXXXXXXXXX --hw-manufacturer=ARRIS --hw-mac=14cfexxxxxxx --hw-last-reboot-reason=unknown --fw-name=TG1682_DEV_master_20170512115046sdy --boot-time=1494590301 --webpa-ping-timeout=180 --webpa-interface-used=eth0 --webpa-url= --webpa-backoff-max=9 --parodus-local-url=tcp:// --partner-id=comcast --ssl-cert-path=/etc/ssl/certs/ca-certificates.crt --client-cert-path=/tmp/clientcert.mch --token-server-url= --force-ipv4 --crud-config-file=/tmp/parodus_cfg.json