Tiny HTTP server which execute command when received webhook
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Tiny HTTP server execute command when received webhook. This web server is implemented by golang http module.

xwebhookexe -b -p 8888 -u /webhook -e "cd /path/to/repos && git pull origin master"

In this example, xwebhookexe boot up at address and await connection on port 8888. If it will be accessed to /webhook, then execute cd /path/to/repos && gitpull origin master.

Usage is here. This is displayed by xwebhookexe --help.

Usage of ./xwebhookexe:
  -b string
        Bind address.
  -e string
        Execute command by $SHELL. (default "true")
  -p int
        Listen port. (default 8080)
  -u string
        Handle URL. (default "/")