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XML3D exporter for Blender - This exporter is depreciated. Try:
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XML3D exporter for Blender


This archive contains the XML3D exporter for Blender.

For more information on Blender visit: For more information on XML3D visit:


The Blender XML3D exporter is released under GPL license. See source code for details.


Locate the file in the scripts folder of your Blender installation. For information on how to install scripts, see:

After successful installation, an XML3D entry will appear in the File->Export menu. If it does not appear, though you copied the script to the correct script folder, you might have to refresh the menu entries: 'Scripts->Update menus'


Export your scene to xhtml and open it with an XML3D capable Browser. That's all! BTW, the exporter includes some scripts to render the scene also with WebGL, thus try it in a WebGL-enabled Browser.


  • Export animations
  • Menu for exporter options
  • Export physics annotations


DFKI, Saarbrücken Email:

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