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# encoding: utf-8
# Determine the current version of the software
version ='ext/libxml/ruby_xml_version.h').match(/\s*RUBY_LIBXML_VERSION\s*['"](\d.+)['"]/)[1] do |spec| = 'libxml-ruby'
spec.version = version
spec.homepage = ''
spec.summary = 'Ruby Bindings for LibXML2'
spec.description = <<-EOS
The Libxml-Ruby project provides Ruby language bindings for the GNOME
Libxml2 XML toolkit. It is free software, released under the MIT License.
Libxml-ruby's primary advantage over REXML is performance - if speed
is your need, these are good libraries to consider, as demonstrated
by the informal benchmark below.
spec.authors = ['Ross Bamform', 'Wai-Sun Chia', 'Sean Chittenden',
'Dan Janwoski', 'Anurag Priyam', 'Charlie Savage',
'Ryan Johnson']
spec.platform = Gem::Platform::RUBY
spec.bindir = "bin"
spec.extensions = ["ext/libxml/extconf.rb"]
spec.files = Dir.glob(['HISTORY',
spec.test_files = Dir.glob("test/tc_*.rb")
spec.required_ruby_version = '>= 1.8.6' =
spec.license = 'MIT'
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