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Multi-Schema Validator Toolkit

The Multi Schema Validation toolkit is a Java based toolkit consisting of 8 different submodules. The core module is the Multi-Schema XML Validator (MSV) for the validation of XML documents against several kinds of XML schemata The core supports RELAX NG, RELAX Namespace, RELAX Core, TREX, XML DTDs, and a subset of XML Schema Part 1.
Most outstanding is the design of MSV core using the Abstract grammar model (AGM). This is a schema-independent grammar model. All supported schemata are parsed into this internal representation. This model, coupled with the grammar reader, may be useful for other applications. For instance, two use cases are the generation of source code using schema2template or the ODF Validator.
The builds of all MSV sub-projects were tested successfully using JDK 8, JDK 11 and JDK 17 on Windows and Linux.

Overview Sub Project

The MSV toolkit consists of eight sub-projects, the main projects in bold. Each sub-projects has its own directory, its own build script, etc.

sub-project description & dev guide reference
xsdlib XML Schema Datatype (XSD) Library
An implementation of W3C XML Schema Part 2 (see xsdlib JavaDoc).
msv core Multi-Schema XML Core Validator
A schema model and validator implementation (see MSV Core JavaDoc).
Dependent on XSDLib and testharness.
generator XML Instance Generator A tool that produces valid XML documents by reading a schema. Dependent on MSV.
schmit MSV SCHema In Transformation XSLT add-on (Schmit)
XSLT Extension For Schema Annotation.
relames Multi-Schema XML Validator Schematron add-on
An experimental implementation of RELAX NG + Schematron validation. Dependent on MSV.
rngconverter RELAX NG Converter
reads a schema and produces an equivalent RELAX NG schema. Dependent on MSV.
tahiti Data-binding implementation
trexconverter TREX Converter
Reads a schema and produces an equivalent TREX pattern.


All subprojects are all available from Maven Central.


You have three options if you have a feature request, found a bug or simply have a question about System Rules.

The basic coding style is described in the EditorConfig file .editorconfig.

Development Guide

The MSV Toolkit development documentation can be found at our GitHub pages.