Simple example web app showing how to access the xmlstats API using PHP
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PHP Example

This is a simple example that accesses the xmlstats API using PHP. It uses cURL to issue and receive HTTP requests and responses. It uses memcache to store the HTTP responses from the API.


To run this example app, you will need PHP 5.4+ with cURL, memcache, json, ZLib, and OpenSSL support, a memcache server, and an xmlstats account.

Getting Started

Clone the repository. Install memcache if it is not already installed. Instructions for doing so will vary depending on your operating system.


Specify your API access token and e-mail address in xmlstats.ini. Additionally, specify your memcache host and port if it is not running on your local server at the default port.


Start a memcache server according to your operating system if one is not already running.

Versions of PHP 5.4 and later provide a built-in webserver to develop and test PHP scripts quickly. Start a webserver running on your localhost at port 8000.

php -S localhost:8000

Point your web browser to http://localhost:8000.