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If you have any channel request then create a new issue if the channel isn't listed yet. Be sure to check our channel list first. If you need help, etc. you can join our IRC channel on freenode: #xmltv or on our Google+ Group.

Please read information about your country in the "channels" folder. It contains information on why some information are missing.

Schedule updates are run every day at 22:00 GMT+1 (Stockholm) and most of the time finish at 04:30.


Report any issues in the issue tracker and i'll try to fix it asap.


  • Don't use the files for commercial products or projects. Use for this.
  • Use proper User-Agents (we block blank ones).
  • Use your home connection (we block most server provider's ips)
  • Only import when needed. We provide a file which have Last-Modified timestamps for this.

How to use

Please see the guides folder for how to use it in different OS:es etc.



If you want to donate then donate via Donorbox here (accepts Paypal and CC). Or you can donate by becoming a VIP on, which allows you to create a customized combined file.

Help us

If you want to help you can do pull requests with guides, info, etc. You can also add better/updated logos to nonametv-logos.


  • nonametv is used for importing schedules and running it towards different APIs.
  • nonametv-logos is the channel logos.
  • xmltv-configs the xmltv tools configs for the combined files.