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  • Author: Thomas Frauendorfer, Tobias Rundström, Daniel Svensson
  • Latest version: 0.1.1
  • Homepage:
  • Development language: C++
  • User interface: Qt4
  • Screenshots: None


Winamp classic clone.

Install and build


There is an official release: Promoe 0.1.1

The source can be found at the XMMS2 git tree. You can get the latest snapshot from the Promoe git tree.


  • XMMS2
    • XMMS2 C++ bindings, which needs boost.
  • Qt 4.2 or newer


Promoe can be configured to use Winamp Classic skins. Skins are toggled within the 'Theme settings' menu feature. To install new skins:

  • Go to the directory /home/**user**/.config/xmms2/clients/
    • (If using a file browser, you may need to adjust the settings so that hidden files are shown.
  • Create a new folder called 'promoe' and an additional folder within ../promoe/ called 'skins'.
    • Any new skins can now be extracted into their own respective folders within /home/**user**/.config/xmms2/clients/promoe/skins/


Report bugs and request features in the XMMS2 bugtracker. Please file bugs under project "Client - Promoe".

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