Client for writing tags to files

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Client for writing tags to files

For a discussion of some issues surrounding this see Talk:Generic properties policy


The ability to change metadata and then write those tags out to the files is a feature often missed by users of XMMS2. It is of particular interest if one uses different music players for whatever reason. This proposal offers a solution to the need for a tagging system.


On the server will be a small daemon which sits and listens for configval_changes on the clients.x2tagger.dotag config val. It then searches the medialib for all media that has the client/x2tagger:tag property set to 1, and writes the pending tag changes stored in the client/override/x2tagger source to the file. Once the changes have been successfully written to the file it removes properties in the client/override/x2tagger source and calls xmmsc_medialib_rehash() on the changed entries, to read the new tags from the file.

Pending CLI tool

While clients can independently implement specifics of the tagging framework, a simple cli tool and python module will be written that will allow for some basic operations:

  • x2tagger set id propery value [Set the value on a property]
  • x2tagger remove id property [Remove any changes on a property]
  • x2tagger clear id [clear any changes on this id]
  • x2tagger mark id [mark this id for tagging]
  • x2tagger tag [tag all marked media]

A similar api will be offered by the python module.

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