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Blastwave (name to change soon) is an in-development client for XMMS2 written in C/GTK2. In its current state it features basic XMMS2 control: playlist managing, playback queues (experimental), playback control, MediaLib queries as well as a usable GTK2 interface with tray icon support. Note: the client is work in progress and is currently alpha-stage, so expect odd behaviour:)


You can download the code from the SVN repository:

$ svn co blastwave (Version 0.1)


$ svn co blastwave (Development version)


As for now, Blastwave uses XMMS2-DrJekyll, but it's being developed around latest xmms2 git code.


If you happen to encounter a bug/problem, please drop an email to the xmms2-mailing-list or contact me on #xmms2 channel on Freenode (nick:amihuman).