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  • Author: Tobias Rundström
  • Latest version: 0.4.0
  • Homepage: (this page)
  • Development language: C++
  • User interface: Qt4
  • Screenshots: See below


Esperanza is a client written with C++ / Qt4 and aims to be cross-platform goodness for everyone. The client is written by Tobias Rundström.

Please see the Roadmap for new and upcoming features.


  • Sleek, uncomplicated UI (screen)
  • Albumart in the playlist (screen)
  • Medialib search window (screen)
  • Medialib browse window
  • Strong focus on keyboard handling
  • Growl support on MacOSX (screen)
  • Server browser (with mDNS support) (screen)
  • Customization support (screen)
  • Windows support (screen)
  • Mini-mode (screen)
  • browser


ChangeLog (will be updated with any version)

Esperanza 0.4.0 (2007-08-13)

Finally 0.4.0 is released. Thanks for all help finding bugs and testing.


Esperanza 0.4.0rc1 (2007-08-01)

A new Release Candidate is up. Please test and report bugs.


Esperanza 0.3.0 (2007-04-20)

Release is up.



Esperanza 0.3.0rc1 (2007-04-10)

This is the first release candidate for the 0.3.0 that probably will happen together with DrJekyll. Please test this. But be aware that it only works with DrI+WIP+TEST4.



Esperanza 0.2.2 (2006-12-01)

Early Christmas present, Esperanza 0.2.2 is released. It's just a accumulated features / bugfixes release. This release required a new XMMS2D (DrHouse).



Esperanza 0.2.1 (2006-11-10)

Esperanza 0.2.1 is released. Just bugfixes and small additions. See the ChangeLog. And download: here

Esperanza 0.2.0 (2006-11-07)

New version with a lot of news. Download here. Observe that it now requires Qt4.2.x

Esperanza 0.1.1 (2006-11-01)

Missing files in 0.1 makes me release 0.1.1, same place as before.

Esperanza 0.1 (2006-11-01)

0.1 is released today. You can download the release (source) here: and MacOSX binaries from the same URL. OBSERVE that this is not XMMS2, just the Esperanza client!

Install and build


Releases can be found at and the latest devel can be found in XMMS2 git tree. Take a look at the info about git usage if you're new to git.


  • XMMS2
    • XMMS2 C++ bindings, which needs boost.
  • Qt 4.2 or newer
  • dns_sd (bonjour) for mDNS support


Download tarball, extract it, run configure and then make. That should produce the binary.

For windows see here: Windows Build Instructions


Report bugs and request features in the XMMS2 bugtracker.

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