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GIMME, which stands for GIMME Interesting Music in My Emacs, is a well-rounded XMMS2 interface for GNU Emacs that provides a minimalistic and intuitive user experience through searches, powered by collection operations.

Try it

  1. Install XMMS2 v0.7. On Archlinux, you'd simply run `sudo pacman -S xmms2`, but on Debian, for example, you might have to compile it by hand
  2. Install the Sexp gem. Run `ruby -v`: If your system uses Ruby 1.8, you can simply run `gem install sexp`, otherwise you'll have to fetch it by hand and patch it. #FIXME
  3. Clone GIMME from the repository. Simply run `git clone git://`
  4. Prepare Emacs. Add or link the directory to Emacs's path and add (require ‘gimme) to your .emacs or init.el file.
  5. M-x gimme. And enjoy! :)

Explore it

This area will contain tutorials or screencasts.

Hack it

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