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radiobar is a simple toolbar/buttonbar client for use when using xmms2 for a radio show.

It is intended as a supplementary client to other things you would use for playlist management.

It uses Ruby/GTK.

It has a Play button that functions as a pause and resume button while playing, and a stop button. This is exactly how cd players intended for radio use operate and is familiar to dj's.

There is a stop, prev and next buttons that are self explanatory.

There is a Cont/Single toggle switch. This toggles between Continues play (like normal) and single mode, where playing stops when the current track is done, and the next track is 'cued for play'. This is probably something that only makes sense to radio dj's that are used to babbling in between tracks about this or that.

There is a voiceover button that just reduces the volume by 60% or so, so you can talk over the music, hit it again to bring the volume back to normal.

This is just the first version of this client, I have several ideas for improvements. Play button flashing when 30~ secs are left in track, show time left in track, show last, next, and current track names. Make voice toggle do smooth volume change, change the way single/cont operates (currently stops as soon as the client recieves a new current_playlist_id, is there a better way? )


Mailinglist post:

Contact me on irc, nick is oneman.


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