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x2c is a small, interactive ruby command line client for xmms2


A small, interactive ruby command line client for xmms2

the client itself is an irb shell executing commands on the client object, which has been extended to get a powerful and easy interface to playback, playlists and collections. As it is all ruby, you can easily extend its functionality, create new aliases or functions, or create you own client on top of it.


Features for non-rubyists, the basics

  • usable without knowing ruby
  • works an almost all terminal
  • nice command-line interface with completion
  • module support for new features
  • already has cool module: vote, mlib, autodaemon, ...
  • short tutorial to get into the feeling of the client
  • help system, so you don't get lost ;)

Features for rubyists, advanced things

  • cool stack feature
  • highly configurable and extensible
  • easy to modify for your own needs
  • you can do cool things, as all is ruby

Getting started

You can download x2c at Rubyforge(tgzgem) or get the latest snaps at my hompage.

Simply extract the tar, move the x2c folder where you like it and run ./x2c or create a symlink to x2c. You also can use the gem to install x2c:

 sudo gem install x2c-0.1.gem

Everything else should be straightforward, because of the help and tutorial features :)

Code snippets

skip sid

   # little script you can call in post_deamon to make sids only play for 3m    def start_sid_skip        skipsid = nil        @sidskip = broadcast_playback_current_id.notifier do |r|            if skipsid                skipsid.kill                 skipsid = nil            end            song =            skipsid = do                if song.chain =~ /sid/ && ![:duration]                    sleep 180                    print "\r...  skipping sid"                    skip                end            end        end        puts "...  sidskip started"    end    def stop_sid_skip        puts "...  stopping sidskip"        @sidskip.disconnect    end

the mlib

  # remove unwanted media   (url =~ 'file:///some/stage/music%').list.each{|id| medialib_entry_remove(id)}   # tag media   (url =~ 'anArtist/%').list.each do |s|     if s.url =~ /\/(\w| )*\/(\w*) - (\w*)/       s.artist= $2       s.album = $1       s.title = $3     end   end   

Volume fades

  (0...100).each{|i| volume i; sleep 0.1}   (0...100).each{|i| volume 100-i; sleep 0.1}

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