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  • Author: Alexander Botero-Lowry
  • Latest version: 0.07
  • Homepage: Unknown
  • Development language: C
  • User interface: GTK2
  • Screenshots: N/A

xmms2play is a simple GTK2 xmms2 client written in C. It is designed for those that desire a minimalist design. It does not include a playlist, instead intending for external applications such as medialib-ui to be used for that purpose. xmms2play-0.07 includes more or less functional code for handling utf8 characters in song titles, it has also been updated for a bunch of small API changes in xmmsclient. xmms2play also now uses pkg-config instead of hardcoded CFLAGS and LDFLAGS. It can be downloaded from Client written by Alexander Botero-Lowry.

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