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Client Matrix

All current clients should be found here, but not every entry in this list is up to date or accurate.

Actively Maintained

Name Kind Language Status Description
Abraca Graphical / GTK C in development Usable client with collection support
ccx2 Console / ncurses Python development stalled (2010-03) Customizable console client with good support for playlists and searching
daixmms2client Graphical / Qt5 Python in development (2016) Simple client designed to easily manage playlists with 15 band equalizer and id3 tag editing
eq Graphical / GTK Python in development Simple equalizer frontend
Etude Graphical / GTK Python in development Client with graphical collection editor
Euphoria Graphical / EFL Ruby rewrite Slick themeable client
Flexmms2 Graphical / GTK Python development stalled (2010-03) Main goal is to create a powerful and customizable mediabrowser (already usable)
GIMME Emacs-based Elisp in development Client that focuses on dealing with collections
gkrellxmms2 GKrellM2 Plugin C in development feature-rich enhancement of GKrellM2
gxmms2 Graphical / GTK C in development Lightweight, basic player with playlist editor
Harald Mobile Phone / Bluetooth JavaME/C in development Player running on Java capable mobile phone
j. xmms(2)viewer console / curses C++ development stalled (2010-12) simple playlist viewer (no editing)
Konfetka Graphical / Qt4 C++ in development The kid of XMMS1 and Amarok that spent too much time around Yakuake.
kuechenstation console / curses Python in development text mode client with scrolling title, playlist and medialib query
LWXC Graphical / GTK Python in development Client with focus on Keyboard usability.
LXMusic Graphical / GTK C development stalled (2010-04) Very simple player, integrated into LXDE
nymp console / curses Python in development A graphical cli client providing a tree view on your collection.
Octopus Graphical / GTK C, Javascript in development Intuitive graphical client based on browsing album art
Oritide Handheld / Web Python, Javascript (Sproutcore) development stalled (2010-08) Mobile web client for iPhone and Android devices
Promoe Graphical / QT4 (Skinnable) C++ development stalled (2010-03) Clone of classic Winamp / XMMS
Remuco Mobile Phone / MIDP JavaME, Python in development Remote control of XMMS2 with mobile devices supporting Bluetooth or WiFi and JavaME
SeaSerpent Graphical / QT4 Python development stalled (2010-09) In version 1.0; stable - should not crash. Always in development since always looking for new features ;-)
shelfelf Browser / Webclient PHP, JavaScript development stalled (2011-11) complex web interface designed for tablets like the iPad, but working in most browsers
sisy Console C development stalled (2010-08) Simple syntax collection pattern parser
Sonus Graphical / QT4 Python development stalled (2010-02) Simple, yet full-featured player
Spring Graphical / Qt4 Python development stalled (2010-03) multi-featured client with different media browsers
XMMS2 CLI client console C in development feature-rich, basic client that comes with XMMS2
xmms2swi Browser / Webclient PHP development stalled (2010-04) Simple web interface, small and works well with ALL browsers!
XMMS2tray Tray Icon / GTK Python development stalled (2010-11)
  • nix GTK+2 system tray integration
xmms2-xaw Graphical / Xaw C in development Lightweight with a player and a playlist window


Name Kind Language Status Description
Azucar Graphical / GTK Python development stalled (2012-04) A Minimalist XMMS2 Client
Muxic Graphical / Cocoa Obj-C development stalled (2009-11) Minimal windowshade for Mac OS X
xmms2-cdinfo Console C++ development stalled (2012-09) CD database client, updates cdda:// medialib entries
xmms2-hotkey Hotkeys (X11/console) C++ stable (since 2009-08) Control XMMS2 via X11 and/or console keys/mouse, supports multi-key combinations
Azrael Graphical / GTK C development stalled (2009-07) Basic player with nice additions
lagn Emacs Mode emacs-lisp development stalled (2009-07) Control XMMS2 within emacs
gx2ctl Gnome x2 control C development stalled (2009-01) - "works for her" the Drag'n'Drop client for your girlfriend
JukX Graphical / GTK Python development stalled (2009-01) touchscreen orientated concept
SAXm2s Graphical / QT Python development stalled (2008-10) Simplicistic player
vimxmms2 Vim Plugin Python development stalled (2008-09) A XMMS2 client for Vim
GNOME Do GNOME Do plugin C# development stalled (2008-07) Allows xmms2 to be accessed and controlled by GNOME Do
Crystalxmms Graphical Java development stalled (2008-02) Look based on crystal icons
Insanity Graphical / GTK Python development stalled (2007-11) Simple but complete player
Chalyx Library Python development stalled (2007-10) Flexible modular library for XMMS2/MPD clients
XmmsDeskbar Gnome Deskbar Plugin Python development stalled (2007-10) When typing in the input field of deskbar, albums, songs and artists are queried
Esperanza Graphical / QT4 C++ development stalled (2007-08) Lightweight, basic player
Blastwave Graphical / GTK C development stalled (2007-06) Experimental XMMS2 client
Sopran Graphical / GTK Ruby development stalled (2007-06) Simple player with plugin system
gx2osd On-Screen Display (GTK) C++ development stalled (2007-05) Skinnable on-screen display
radiobar Graphical / GTK Ruby development stalled (2007-05) Simple toolbar for radio dj usage.
Cocopapa Console C development stalled (2007-04) Complex Collection Pattern Parser
Eloquence Plugin for E17 C development stalled (2006-12) themeable desktop module
snett Graphical / GTK Ruby development stalled (2006-10) Desktop icon providing simple operations
TurboX2 Browser / Webclient Python, JS development stalled (2006-ish) Lets you control XMMS2 via your Webbrowser

To be sorted

Name Kind Language Status Description
lxmms2 IR remote control (LIRC) C in development Control XMMS2 with your remote control
Wmxmms2 Dockapp C stable Client dockapp for WindowMaker or any other dockapp-capable windowmanager
x2c console ruby stable (since 2007-06) little rubyistic console client with advanced features
XMMS2Musica Graphical / Cairo (skinnable) Python in development Template-alike simple skinned player
xmms2-mpris-bridge console / dbus Python in development Provides a MPRIS interface for XMMS2
xmms2-notify Graphical / libnotify C in development Provides desktop notifications
xmms2-osd On-Screen Display / XOSD Python rewrite, in development Simple song info on-screen display
xmms2-pidgin Pidgin Plugin C mostly stable Pidgin plugin to display current song
xmms2-web Browser / Webclient Python mostly stable Web 1.0 interface suitable for text clients.
xmms2_jump Quick Search (GTK/curses) C++ in development Let's you search your playlist in real time.
XMMS2-Scrobbler AudioScrobbler Ruby in development Submits playing data to AudioScrobbler/Last.FM
XMMS2 Webterface Browser / Webclient Ruby in development eRuby templated, skinnable, simple web 1.0 client
Xmms Weighted Shuffle Non Interactive/Playlist Ruby in development Manage a playlist as a party shuffle with complex rules
PBXMMS2client Graphical C++ in development Client for control XMMS2 on PocketBook e-book readers

Unknown State

Please move the following clients according to their actual state!

Name Kind Language Status Description
AlbumThing Graphical / GTK Python website unreachable Simple, Album oriented client
Camio Graphical / GTK Python website unreachable Small dock with basic commands
ixmms2 Irssi Plugin Perl website unreachable Control and query xmms2 within irssi
juxtapose Graphical / GTK Python development stalled(?) very simple, basic player
perlamp ? ? Vaporware? should be a front-end supporting Wxxamp modern skins
Shellac Graphical / GTK Python Last update over two years ago highly customizable player
xmms2_blue Mobile Phone / Bluetooth C probably abandoned Player working with SonyEriccson mobile phone
XMMS2-AMP Graphical / Skinnable ? vaporware Resembles good ol' XMMS
exmms2 Graphical/ EWL/EFL C website password locked? usable, but edit makefile, basic functionality
xmms2joystick Joystick C website unreachable Control XMMS2 with a joystick device
Dabra Graphical / libnotify C website unreachable Provides desktop notifications
EkoXMMS2 X-Chat Plugin C webiste overwritten? Small player integrated into X-Chat
xmms2Plugin Plugin for irssi C++ website unreachable Control and query xmms2 within irssi

Abandoned/Deprecated Clients

The following clients aren't worked on anymore, and might not work out of the box with a recent version of XMMS2. They could still be useful for developers though:

Name Kind Language Status Description
nyello console, interactive C++ discontinued powerful pseudo-shell interface, now being merged with the new korving CLI
bluegroove Graphical / GTK Ruby discontinued Typical player with queueing support
fvwm2xmms Plugin for FVWM C website is gone Basic display to be integrated into FVWM desktop
medialib-ui Graphical / Qt Python abandoned Standalone medialib and playlist client.
nxmms2 console / ncurses C doesn't compile anymore rudimentary player functionality
RXmms2 Graphical / GTK+2 (Skinnable) Ruby deprecated (use Euphoria) XMMS/Winamp/BMP clone
SeMMiX Graphical / GTK C abandonned Client for media servers with xmms2 support. It allows to connect to several servers at the same time.
Shhh Graphical / GNUStep C unavailable Little Player for the GNUStep desktop
x2cp console / ncurses C++ last version May 2006 rudimentary player functionality
X4X Graphical / XWidgets Java discontinued Almost complete player, works with Java Webstart
xmms2curses console / curses C abandoned? curses client
xmms2play Graphical / GTK C abandoned Minimalist GTK2 xmms2 client written in C.
xmms2-shell console Python abandoned Interactive shell client for XMMS2
XMMS2Curse console / ncurses Python abandoned Client with ncurses UI
XMMS2www Web PHP vaporware Unknown
XMMS2 xml-rpc Web? Ruby haunted Client that acts as an xml-rpc server
XMMbaSh2 console bash in development A single line bash client, enables all features of current XMMS2 CLI client
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