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Summary =======

Adds support for libao, a cross platform audio library, to XMMS2.


This is plugin tries to make full use of the limited libao api to provide a portable option for playing sound. Libao is basically a wrapper over other sound systems. It currently supports alsa, esd, oss and irix,sun,aix sound systems etc. For more info look here.


Libao uses a default driver that is specified in its configuration files (/etc/libao.conf for system-wide options and ~/.libao for personal options). The personal file take precedence over the system-wide files. Lines in these files take the form:


Supported options are :

default_driver - this specifes the driver that libao should use by default.

You can also change the used driver with "xmms2 config ao.driver (driver name)" where "default" uses the default driver specified in the libao config file.

Acceptable values are

  • null
  • alsa - old alsa (dont use this. i think you want the other one)
  • alsa09 - new version of alsa
  • esd - ESound Daemon
  • irix
  • oss - Open Sound System
  • sun
  • aixs
  • arts - KDE sound server (this is supported in devel builds of libao)

The XMMS2 plugin does not currently support write to file plugins even though libao does.


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