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**This page describes a component of XMMS2.**

The Summary section will be used as a basis for package descriptions, so please make sure that the text is suited for that. The contents of this page will be gathered automatically by a script. It is important that the Summary section is kept.

Summary =======


ModPlug is primarily a 'module' files player ; the author, Olivier Lapicque, extended it to a 'modules' rendering engine. A plug-in for xmms1 already exists, and the actual maintainer is Konstanty.

Modules are a very old but still evolving music format, based on the association of several samples that can be played at the time and the frequency given ; the most recent formats allow hundreds of samples to be played at the same time. Nice effects (volume and span fading, vibratos, filters) can be applied to the samples.

This format is consequently a mix between sample files and configuration and layout parameters, and the result is a not so large file (admitted that size can vary extremely between the composers strategy).

Modules files are rendered by an engine capable of reproducing the effects applied, so the quality of the output depends a lot on the engine.


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