Container format support

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A container format can hold different types of metadata describing media-files. For example, a CD can have a tracklist, an albumcover, lyrics, and so on.

The significance being, that some people prefer to keep one CD as one file (for various reasons, most notably pregaps and gapless playback), and matroska caters to this by allowing you to keep a CUE-file (single-CD playlist) in the container-file.

It would be nice if XMMS2 could accomodate reading mka-files, and display the tracks within in the playlist, preferably hierarchically - expand the track-titles for a CD on double-click, else keep the entry for each CD to a single line.

There is currently a plugin for XMMS which allows you to play a single media-file indexed by a CUE-file, but it's not quite the best solution.

Eleusis 12:01, 25 Sep 2005 (CEST)

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