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Scripts and other miscellaneous contributions to XMMS2. If you think you have something useful which could be put on this list, feel free to add the appropriate details here, or contact the XMMS2 team.


Search and play song with agrep

Init scripts

I wrote an initscript to start xmms2d at runtime and control it through the default chkconfig/service mechanism on *NIX systems. The files contributed don't work with more recent releases of XMMS2 - if you'd like to help resolve this, visit 249.

BSD init scripts

  • Submitted by: Alexander Botero-Lowry
  • More info: See README within the package
  • Files:

FreeBSD and NetBSD rc.d scripts

Play-Pause toggle client

  • Submitted by: Vinícius Dias dos Santos
  • More info: CLI: $ xmms2 toggleplay
  • Files:

Request for play/pause action whereas:

  • will play if current state is stopped or paused
  • will pause if current state is playing.

Good for using in hotkeys(specially if you have a multimedia keyboard ;) )

Play-Pause toggle client (C)

  • Submitted by: Dean Scarff
  • More info: An alternative to the python script by Vinícius Dias dos Santos, for those who do not have/want python
  • Files:

Pauses playback if xmms2 is currently playing, otherwise starts playback

Gnome metacity multimedia keyboard shortcuts

  • Submitted by: Tobias Bengtsson
  • More info: None
  • Files: None

Gnome metacity multimedia keyboard shortcuts:

  • Open gconf-editor and edit keys for /apps/metacity/keybinding_commands/ to xmms2 play (or the above script), next, prev etc. keys you may have on your keyboard.
  • Edit /apps/metacity/global_keybindings/, for example run_command_1 = XF86AudioPlay, run_command_2=XF86AudioNext, run_command_3=XF86AudioPrev etc.

XChat2 info script

XChat 2 python script that displays the title and artist of the currently playing song. Supports querying of xmms2 daemons running on different IPC paths.

Bash tab completion for the xmms2 client

A bash script for tab completion in the shell. Once you have source it into bash use TAB to complete what your are typing. Original ideas from Bash tab completion for the CLI

Daemon updating Gajim status on XMMS2 events

  • Submitted by: Bart Kreska
  • More info: For more information see man page
  • Files:

Simple daemon written in Python that updates status message in Gajim each time XMMS2 changes its state (ie. jumps to another track). Status message may look like this: Now listening: Rolling Stones, It's Only Rock 'n Roll but the format is highly customizable.

Medialib cleaner

Simple script to remove items marked as 'unavailable' in the medialib (which can include things like JPEG and text files).

Medialib updater

A python script that removes unavailable media from the Media Library and that adds newly found stuff that has not yet been added.


Quick shell script to add a random album to a dedicated playlist. It will be obsolete when random album playback is available natively (using collection advanced features). If you use it, find annoyances, improvements, suggestions... please, contact me (mail is at source).


  • Submitted by: ashtophet
  • More info: Tested here ("it works for me (tm)") for its really simply usage: xmms2rnd "Artist". Read the source.
  • Files:

Shell script based on xmms2_random_album to add a random album from selected (1st arg.) artist.


Very simple shell script to fetch current xmms2 song lyrics (w3m) and show them (w3m) using google's(tm) "feeling lucky" feature. Based on mpdlyrics.


Very simple shell script to fetch wikipedia article on current xmms2 playing song and show it using w3m. Based on mpdwiki.

Fvwm menu

  • Submitted by: ashtophet
  • More info:
  • Files:

Simple fvwm2 menu to control xmms2. Based on univac's fvwm config.

xmms2 (and conky) extra tags patch

  • Submitted by: ashtophet
  • More info: It also includes a conky patch to be able to use those tags on your conkyrc (i.e. $xmms2_opus, $xmms2_performer, etc.). Applies cleanly against xmms2 0.7 "DrNo" and latest stable conky (Aug. 09). It patches flac.c, vorbis_common/common.c and xmms_medialib.h. Under the "It Works For Me, Use It At Your Own Risk(TM)" motto.
  • Files:

I've found myself switching back to QuodLibet to get proper info from my tagged classical music files. Last weeks I've been using a small patch which adds six custom tags (performer, composer, conductor, opus, part and originaldate). Until it's elegantly solved by xmms2 developers, and hoping that someone may find it useful, I've decided to post it here shamelessly.

WeeChat script

  • Submitted by: Konstantin Merenkov
  • More info:
  • Files:

Print currently playing track (format is configurable) in xmms2 to a channel or private buffer in WeeChat IRC client.

xmms2find & xmms2-new_files

Taken (back) from a script I found on mpd's wiki, xmms2find lets you search your playlist. xmms2-new_files shows you files you've added to the mlib in the past week so you can add them to your playlist.

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