GSoC:2006 Student requirements

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  • You need to be prepared to stay in regular contact with your mentor, via IRC or e-mail, and provide at least weekly status reports.
  • You will be expected to, at the very least, have a basic grasp of the language(s) involved in your chosen task, and have a knowledge of using revision control systems such as CVS, SVN or Git.
  • Include the following in your proposal (1):
    • Detailed description / design document (including a list of deliverables)
    • An approximate schedule (timeline)
    • Brief description of past projects (including open source) that you've participated in
    • Brief resume/bio/contact information
  • Some more information that could be useful to us (2):
    • How much time do you expect to have for this project?
    • List of jobs, summer classes, and/or vacations that you'll need to work around
    • Description of any experience you have with various programming and scripting languages, operating systems, and so on.
    • Description of your usage experience/familiarity - or even development experience - with the project you are applying for.
    • Did you participate in a 2005 Summer of Code project? If so, please describe your project and experience.
    • Details of your school/university/college enrollment: which institution, what your highest education level is so far, whether you're specialising or majoring in particular subjects..
    • Why are you well suited to complete this project?

Proposal Example

For an example of what your proposal could look like, see SoC_example.txt. Make sure your proposal is correctly linewrapped to fit in 80 cols (as google's interface doesn't reflow text).

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