GSoC:2007 Generated IPC Server

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XML Format

Should use all the same conventions as the Client-side prototype.

Things to Add/Change

Object/Signal/Broadcast Registration

Object initialization methods will call xmms_ipc_object_register(TYPE,OBJ) on the object structure, which contains function pointers to the various methods that the object wants to register. For example, xmms_playlist_t might be defined like:

typedef struct _xmms_playlist_t {         void (*clear)(_xmms_playlist_t *);         char **(*list)(_xmms_playlist_t *);         void (*playlist_updated)(_xmms_playlist_t *); } xmms_playlist_t;

Then, xmms_ipc_object_register(XMMS_IPC_OBJECT_PLAYLIST,playlist) is called after the playlist_init function fills in the function pointers. xmms_ipc_object_register then knows what functions are used for different IPC signals like XMMS_IPC_CMD_CLEAR and XMMS_IPC_SIGNAL_PLAYLIST_CHANGED. Instead of the playlist init code having to manually register the functions individually, it becomes one call to xmms_ipc_object_register() See 1 for a more complete struct example.


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