GSoC:2008 Service Clients and Language Bindings Milestones

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Student Accepted

  • Hooray!

Result/Value Split

  • This must be done before service clients (SC) work can begin. See 1835.
  • The current SC code is based on a partial, workable implementation of the result/value split. Development on the split is being done concurrently by theefer now.

Bang Out New API

  • Services are registered as a whole, not method-by-method.
  • Service methods will use the new xmmsc_value_t where applicable instead of using xmmsc_result_t.
  • No need to provide remove/unset functionality as services will provide static functionality.
  • See 1 and 2 for details.

Make a service_t Available on Client and Server

  • Previously, a service was referenced by its name and methods were registered directly to the server.
  • Now, methods are added to a service all on the client-side, then sent to the server as one.
  • This has a more logical flow as well as providing some API benefits:
    • Methods are registered exactly once at the time of service registration. They cannot be registered after a service is already registered, guaranteeing that clients can always use given service methods.
    • Argument type-checking and similar error checking is done client-side rather than by straining the server. The server is only responsible for passing requests back and forth between service and normal client.
    • A service is referenced by its originating connection. Before, service methods each stored an xmmsc_connection_t, which meant a service could register methods from different connections--probably not a good idea.

Update SCM

  • Use the new SC API.


  • Appease the Merge Gods with sacrifices.




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