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Since the 20th of November 2006, the XMMS2 team has conducted fairly regular meetings on IRC to discuss various issues relating to the project. Unlike the main #xmms2 channel, where we mostly discuss various technical and offtopic issues at various times of the day, the meeting channel focuses more on project administrative issues and major technical issues, as well as long-lived issues that haven't progressed much (much less been resolved). The rationale is that this process will help the team focus more on getting things done on a timely basis, rather than leaving issues open indefinitely.

Meetings are currently held in #xmms2-meeting on Freenode at 13:00 UTC, Sundays. Meetings are organized by Dan Chokola and expected to last an estimated 60 minutes.

Current Agenda, Latest Minutes (also contains transcripts), Archived Agendas and Minutes

Meeting Protocol


  1. Organizer creates a preliminary agenda for next meeting and posts it to IRC Meeting/YYYY-MM-DD/Agenda and updates the IRC Meeting/Agenda redirect. The organizer doesn't know everything that is going on in the XMMS2 world, so it is up to the participants to edit the agenda!
  2. Organizer announces the next meeting on the mailing list, most preferably 4 days before the meeting, at the latest. A reminder email is sent 1-2 days before the meeting.
  3. Participants prepare status announcements, a formalized list of issues they want to address. Meeting participants often have to come and go due to real life issues, so issues will be prioritized accordingly by the meeting organizer; issues on the agenda page usually take priority.


  1. Participants join channel and wait for organizer to announce the start of the meeting. This is a good time to tell the organizer if you have to leave early or if a topic had late, breaking developments, or should take priority. This will help the organizer prioritize the meeting so that the most important points are hit while certain people are present.
  2. Organizer asks each participant to announce their status.
  3. Organizer provides a topic that participants may discuss.
  4. Organizer declares the issue resolved after consensus has been reached, too much time has been taken and the issue must be deferred, or the discussion should be moved to another medium, such as the mailing list.


  1. Any continuing discussion should be moved to the main channel.
  2. Organizer summarizes meeting with meeting minutes and announces the minutes in the meeting channel's topic and via a message on the main channel.

Status Announcements

Participants should indicate their current status (with respect to project issues) by preparing statements using the following keywords:

DONE: the participant's accomplishments since the last meeting TODO: the participant's planned achievements BLOCKED: the participant's stalled issues DISCUSS: any item a participant wishes to discuss during the meeting, usually pertaining to the TODO or BLOCKED status

When asked by the organizer, the participant should paste these prepared lines into the channel. The lines should be as concise as possible (that's why they need to be prepared in advance). For example:

 Peon: what's your status?  DONE: Implemented libkorv, fixed BeOS port  TODO: More documentation  BLOCKED: Need git repo for libkorv  DISCUSS: Depend on bierlib or pilsnerlib

Please note that multiple items should be on the same line. The following is unacceptable:

 DONE: Implemented libkorv  DONE: fixed BeOS port

Rules and Guidelines

  • All are welcome. You don't need to be a developer to participate, though much of the discussion is technical.
  • The channel is muted (+m) - participants will be automatically voiced (+v) when joining the channel, but may be devoiced (-v) or banned if they are disruptive.
  • Stay on topic! There are many tangential issues which crop up, but ultimately waste time. Keep in mind the participants are donating their time despite real life responsibilities and varying timezones.
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