IRC Meeting 2008 03 29 Agenda

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  • Visualizations (FoPref)
    • Let's merge this sucka!
  • Other stuff to merge:
    • plugin priority
    • mpg123 plugin
    • segment plugin
    • airplay
    • the sqlite fixups by nesciens
    • windows support
    • service clients (API needs common review!)
  • SoC
    • Proposals - what kinds of projects do we have and are there any new ideas?
      • S4 and collections 2.0 might be mutually exclusive, especially if S4 takes the current requirements of collections into account, while the collection concept gets extended for collections 2.0.
    • Applicants - has anyone applied yet? can we expect more successful assignments this year?
      • I (nesciens) will not apply, as I do not meet the eligibility-requirements (and hope to have not enough time)
    • Mentors - who is available to mentor this year and who will best fit each project?
    • Priorities - what do we really need done?
    • Comments
      • Collquery.c has some fundamental bugs, that need to be fixed before collection 2.0 can even take place (unless the proposal includes mending for these)
      • It might be nice to change the uniqueness requirement on medialib items from id-key-source to id-key-value-source, to allow for multiple artists, or tags (S4/collections 2.0?)
      • I (nesciens) have been thinking of adding a goal-type like "application/xmms2-medialib-entries", which would allow for "media" that are more than just one song. For instance whole playlists, directories, or even references to collections ("coll:///Collections/Foo"-uris?), allowing to add cds/albums/playlists as one entity to the playlist. (collections 2.0/xform-refactoring?)
  • DrLecter game plan
    • Because of merging visualizations, effect enablement should be made easier before DrLecter IM(nesciens')HO
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