IRC Meeting 2008 04 27 Agenda

Erik Massop edited this page Nov 4, 2017 · 1 revision
  • Check-ups:
    • Visualization (FoPref, anders)
    • 1927 - merged yet? (rafl)
    • stops playing after one song if duration is set?
    • release critical bugs for DrL
    • code review needed for patches that might enter DrL
    • DrL release date
  • Collections 2.0 - Source preference:
    • Should collections only use the preferred sources for querying. If so, what happens when multiple sources have the same priority?
    • If the previous question is answered positively: should source-preference be connection specific, or globally in the server.
    • Should collections maybe consider all sources in the querying, but have the possibility to only return the top-most sources to the user?
    • See also Summer of Code 2008/Collections 2.0/Source-preference
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