IRC Meeting 2008 12 07 Minutes

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  • Feature freeze on 2009-01-01
  • Whatever is then in devel makes it.



  • is online
  • slaves esp 64-bit and win32 wanted
    • nano believes he can provide one at work soon.
    • mingw easy to setup if master.cfg available
  • continue off-meeting


  • code at
  • Anders has stuff for replacement and is already implementing it, will write down his plans.
  • theefer looks at for other review stuff
  • updater currently runs out of anders' cron, so patches need to go through him.
  • nano will help out with g.x.s/merge


  • request for thing to automatically import patches from mantis into a special git tree.
  • rebased every time devel changes (if fails: bugnote)
  • theefer looks at mantis api for auto-rebaser (actually there is no sane way to access mantis remotely /theefer)
  • nano will help out with auto-rebaser

Mh I didn't understand the "rebased every time devel changes" part that way, but in any case, a working prototype in Ruby for fetching a patch from Mantis and applying it on a new local Git branch is available in the xmms2tools repository. --Theefer 01:29, 8 December 2008 (UTC)

Testing framework

  • after waf-upgrade nano will dig into cunit-testing


  • is online


  • attending nano: tru, tilman, rafl, nesciens.
  • possibly attending: theefer, eleusis, puzzles, drax, anders
  • tru does organizing.

Merging of big features

  • Anders:
    • code should be divided in small bits. If necessary history can be rewritten (as I (nesciens) understand it).
    • waf-stuff can be merge is as a whole (because it is an external project)
    • stuff should hit devel early (even if it means a little less review)
    • no non-devel reference branch should be necessary
    • Anders looks at g.x.s/merge daily on workdays. Small stuff is reviewed immediately.
    • Buildbot makes Anders a bit more sloppy.


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