MPRIS Metadata

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MPRIS v2.0 metadata guidelines

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MPRIS v1.0 Metadata guidelines

Below is a proposed, minimal list of standard field names with a description of intended use. No single or group of field names is mandatory. These recommendations are intended for implementations of the MPRIS v1.0



(string) Url to the media (local files are represented as a file:// url)


(string) Name


(string) Name of artist or band performing the work


(string) Name of compilation the work is part of


(string) The position if it's part of a larger set, it may have to be converted to an integer. This MAY be extended with a "/" character and a numeric string containing the total number of elements in the set. E.g. "69/1337".


(uint32) The duration in seconds


(uint32) The duration in milliseconds


(string) The genre. This MAY begin with a numerical value reflecting the genre in a previously known array of genres, such as ID3 genres. See


(string) A comment about the work


(uint32) A "taste" rate value, out of 5. 0-5 or 1-5?


(uint32) The year when the performing was realized, i.e. 2007.


(uint32) When the performing was realized, for precise needs. It is represented as epoch, i.e. the number of seconds since « 00:00:00 1970-01-01 UTC »


(string) An URI to an image associated with the work

Informational for external services


(string) Amazon Standard Identification Number

"puid fingerprint"

(string) MusicDNS audio fingerprint id

"mb track id"

(string) The relative URI as defined in

"mb artist id"


"mb artist sort name"


"mb album id"


"mb release date"


"mb album artist"


"mb album artist id"


"mb album artist sort name"




(uint32) The number of bits per second for audio track


(uint32) The number of samples per second for audio track


(uint32) The number of bits per second for video track

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