Music Sharing

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People are coming to expect music sharing thanks to that one company and their ever so popular music software.

I do not suggest that xmms2 should attempt to custom design a new streaming format, but it should be backwards compatible (or at least have the modules built in) so that users on a multisystem network can share their music (in as far as backwards compatibility would be legal). Personally, I would love for xmms2 to also function as a DAAP server, and be able to browse and listen (not download). I won't even suggest that we use this software to download music from that one music store.

There are also other formats that could be added with modules.

So I am suggesting that this project incorporate The following formats

DAAP (Server and Client Browser) (add others to this list here)

And also design the system such that the modules will intergrate smoothly.

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