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Run scons to first run the configuration. Tweak the options, running scons --config=force CONFIG=1 each time till satisfied. You may need to specify LIBPATH and CPPPATH so that scons knows where to look for your include files and libraries. You can exclude certain optional modules by running scons EXCLUDE="module1 module2 module3" where module names are the names of the directories where the module is contained. For example the Java bindings are located in src/clients/lib/java so the name of the module to be excluded is 'java'. The faad plugin is in src/plugins/faad so the name of the module to be excluded is 'faad'.


Simply run scons to compile, or scons PREFIX=/some/custom/path if you plan on installing XMMS2 in /some/custom/path.


Run scons install to install packages to their default path. You can also install it to a non standard path by adding the PREFIX option to scons. Like this:

scons PREFIX=/usr/local/xmms scons PREFIX=/usr/local/xmms install

To only change the path the manual pages are installed in provide the MANDIR option (it defaults to $PREFIX/man).

The INSTALLDIR option provides a way to prepend a path to all install pathes for package builders. When this option is set xmms2 still expects the files to be in the location without INSTALLDIR prepended.

NOTE: There is a rather nasty bug with scons 0.96.1 that will cause it to start using massive amounts RAM and CPU cycles, you can get around this by running scons and then killing the process after this message:

Install file: "mind.in.a.box-lament_snipplet.ogg" as "/usr/share/xmms2/mind.in.a.box-lament_snipplet.ogg"

Scons 0.96.92 also works fine.

Cleaning up

scons -c will clean the objects and binaries.


scons -c install will uninstall any files installed by scons install. Alternatively, scons -c /path/ will uninstall any files installed under /path/ For example, if you installed xmms2 under /usr/local (default), run scons -c /usr/local

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