Release Checklist

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This is a list of things that should be done or checked before, and when doing a release.


  • Prepare a bottle of wine. To be opened AFTER the release is done :)
  • Create release page titled Release:
  • Make sure API-versions are increased if needed.
  • Make sure so-versions are increased if needed.
  • Sleep. Make sure you are not tired when doing release, to minimize risks of mistakes.
  • Check if there is work needed on articles in :Category:Articles to be merged at next release


  • wiki:
  • Version number set
  • Release snapshot ready (use & uploaded to sourceforge
  • Update freshmeat page
  • Send announcement to mailinglist
  • doxygen + pydoc + rdoc docs generated & published to exodus
  • Update History page

Other things which currently would not really be possible:

  • no release critical bugs? - criteria?
  • pass build and runtime tests?
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