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Developer Release 1 is the first release of XMMS 2 code, intended primarily for developers who might be interested in contributing code, plugins and working on clients. What it means:

  • Core functionality in the daemon has been implemented and major design changes are not planned.
  • The client API is relatively stable, so clients can be written without developers having to put a lot of work in maintaining API compatibility to the latest version.

NOTE: DR1 was released on 2005-05-21.

Release Text

After over two years of development, the XMMS Team releases the first preview of the next generation XMMS. XMMS2 is a complete rewrite of the XMMS codebase and has been focusing on portability, code separation and stability. An advanced feature of XMMS2 is that the music player process runs separately from the user interface in a client/server model. This simplifies the process of creating alternate user interfaces and allow interface developers to concentrate on designing the interface for their special need and not having to care about the music playing part.

XMMS2 has now reached Developer Release 1! The target audience for this release is developers, the player is NOT yet ready for public consumption or for replacing XMMS1, RythmBox, AmaroK or MPD. This simply means that the codebase is very nice and developers are encouraged to help creating plugins and clients that will make XMMS2 the de facto standard for music playing, like XMMS1 has been for almost a decade. At this point there are no mature and stable GUI clients, but this preview is released in the hope that the development of interfaces will accelerate.

Done (Release Notes)

  • Ensure complete Doxygen coverage
  • Fix Medialib logging
  • Fix python_loop in python bindings
  • Maybe fix scons install hang issue
  • Don't quit when we don't get the output inited Bug 157
  • Fix so that we don't crash on quit Bug 158
  • FLAC updated to sample_t
  • Fix include files Bug 93


  • Huge debug message cleanup
  • Lots of doxygen additions.


  • we now use sqlite3
  • removed all encoded paths in xmms, this means that we don't need to call encode/decode path all the time. it was a legacy from dbus anyway.
  • lot of sqlite tuning. trying to get the speed up.
  • added xmms2 mlib addpath command that just sends a path to the server who recursivly adds all the entries under that path to the medialib.


  • Update README, INSTALL files
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