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Developer Release 2 is the second release of XMMS 2 code. What it means:

  • Make adjustments in the API according to needs of new plugins/clients. Hopefully these are very minor (or totally non-existent if we are lucky)
  • Fix bugs
  • Add tons with new bugs and new features that will make xmms2 crash in exciting new ways.

Release notes

Hello intrawebb. The XMMS2 Team is happy to announce the release of XMMS2 Developer Release 2. Delayed for a couple of weeks due to summer, beer, (plastic) women and other real life nonsense, we release a feature-packed second version of XMMS2. This release is the direct result of feedback from DR1 on both APIs, functionality and behaviour. We would like to thank everyone who provided us with feedback, patches and encouragement.

We've come quite a long way since DR1 and DR1.1, and not just code-wise.. Our #xmms2 channel on Freenode has grown considerably, with users and client developers frequently coming and going, or simply lurking around. Project-wise, there have been a number of small improvements here and there:

  • A new mini-homepage at (featuring a cool map, of all things!)
  • A new 'contribs' page at
  • The Bug tracker becoming more and more integral to the process of working on XMMS2 code, especially with:
  • The use of specific commit tags to categorise changes to the code tree.
  • Not related specifically to the XMMS2 team, but new XMMS2 Clients have been popping up like mushrooms, as developers have dared to install XMMS2 and been inspired to create some funky clients.
  • An increased rate of contributions and bug fixes from other users and developers than just the XMMS2 team. (keep them coming!)
  • Also thanks to the freenode channel, we've been receiving feature requests from certain specialised users (read: DJs) about things they'd like to see in XMMS2. Stay tuned while we work on these..

This release breaks the client API, the plugin API, as well as your current medialib. Please understand that this is pre-release software and should only be downloaded and used by developers not end-users.

To review the ChangeLog please check the wiki To download source code please surf to the Download page.

Oh, and happy birthday to Sham!


New Features

  • Alexander Botero-Lowry:
    • Added man pages. Bug 272
    • NetBSD support Bug 225
  • Alexander Rigbo:
    • Add xmmsc_medialib_playlists_list command. Bug 229
    • Added clientlib function to delete a playlist. Bug 221
  • Magnus Bjernstad:
    • translate numeric genres to names. Bug 237
    • Added medialib_path_import to PythonAPI Bug 240
    • Added medialib_get_id to PythonAPI Bug 240
    • added playlist_remove to PythonAPI Bug 240
    • Added playlists_list command. Bug 240
    • Add configval_register to python bindings Bug 232
  • Tilman Sauerbeck:
    • Updated to new xmmsclient API. Removed typed methods to retrieve result value, use Result#value instead. Bug 235
  • Tobias Rundstrom:
    • Added medialib_playlist_loaded method to Python. Bug 280
    • Added medialib_playlist_loaded signal. Bug 280
    • Added a command in the cli for instant loading of playlists. Bug 220
    • Added support for integers in medialib. Bug 254
    • Report bitrate in bps instead of kbps. Bug 246
    • Updated Python bindings to new list / dict API. Bug 235
    • Make lists and dicts able to carry ints as well as strings in the same resultset. Bug 235
  • Tuure Laurinolli:
    • Partial windows support for clientlib Bug 116
  • Vegard Nossum:
    • Added new URL parser that also supports IPv6 Bug 245

Bugs fixed

  • Alexander Botero-Lowry:
    • Use the correct symbol in ossaudio-test. Bug 288
    • Added a flush command in the OSS driver to fix sampleformat changes. Bug 248
    • Make it build on OpenBSD. Bug 214
  • Anders Gustafsson:
    • Fix to UCS2 encoded text frames in id3v2.2/2.3 Bug 290
    • Don't steal another xmms2d's ipc unix-socket. Bug 283
    • Fix get_mediainfo in flac by actually using mode flag in init. Bug 258
    • Give startup/shutdown.d-scripts full environment. Bug 285
    • Call init in decoders before get_mediainfo, mode arg to init. Bug 128
  • Ma Xuan:
    • Make sure that ringbuffer data is correct after seeking. Bug 243
  • Michael Lindgren:
    • Better errorhandling in html export command. Bug 222
  • Sham Chukoury:
    • Allow config file to be specified as command line option Bug 256
    • Fix output.plugin config property not registered when plugin specified on cmd line Bug 253
    • Fix log init sequence, remove unused log regexp Bug 234
  • Tilman Sauerbeck:
    • Updated Wave plugin to new decoder plugin API. Bug 128
  • Tobias Rundstrom:
    • Add 64bytes ints on file operations. Bug 270
    • Remove EXTINFO parser from m3u plugin since it often gives us bad data. Bug 262
    • Fixed some strange things in ipc layer that could cause busy-loops on disconnect. Bug 261
    • Validate all strings inserted into DB to be UTF-8 Bug 265
    • FIxed a bug in medialib that could return wild integers if property was not found.
    • Fix position problems with sorting. Bug 264
    • Bugfix output plugin configvalue. Bug 253
    • Fixed a deadlock in the transport layer. Bug 233
    • Fixed a stupid bug with config value changed signal. Changed from list to a dict. Bug 242
    • g_direct_hash on string keys are *not* a good idea Bug 241
    • xmms2d now handle long strings. Bug 228
    • Fixed so that we signal before we quit if IPC failed. Bug 217
    • SO_REUSEADDR was moved to a better place. Bug 226
    • Better error handling in log functions. Bug 216
    • Passing the environ to scons Bug 215
    • Fix bug #189 by removing entries from the playlist that are not valid.
  • Vegard Nossum:
    • Fixed NULL strings to msg_put_string Bug 211

Clientlib Changes

  • Tilman Sauerbeck:
    • Properly sort the list that's returned by xmms_config_listvalues().
    • Empty lists in results are now handled properly.
  • Tobias Rundstrom:
    • removed xmmsc_result_get_playlistchange since this now is a dict
    • added xmmsc_configval_register. Clients can now register configuration values.
    • added get_id function to medialib. Returns id number for a URL
    • add xmmsc_medialib_remove_entry that removes something from the medialib
  • Tuure Laurinolli:
    • added xmmsc_sqlite_prepare_string for correct sql escaping.
    • Added query generators that can create select statements for multiple criterions.

Other Changes

  • Daniel Pearson:
    • PYTHON: Added syncronous proxy class for API
    • PYTHON: Added output_status enum to API
    • PYTHON: renamed hash to dict to be conformed with the rest of the API
    • PYTHON: Exposed get_type() call
    • PYTHON: Fixed problem with value() which didn't return hashtable.
  • Daniel Svensson:
    • CLI: Added sort command
    • PLAYLIST: Added sorting functionality
    • CLI: xmms2 mlib addpath now handles relative paths
  • Heikki Orsila:
    • PRIVATE: Various clientlib cleanups.
  • Michael Lindgren:
    • CURL: Fix some issues with broken streams and headers in HTTP stream plugin.
  • Sham Chukoury:
    • cli client: change mlib addall to mlib loadall, split cmd_mlib into smaller functions
  • Tilman Sauerbeck:
    • CLI:Fixed config file related memory leaks.
    • CLI:Fixed the 'quit-msg' in 'xmms2 status'
  • Tobias Rundstrom:
    • PLUGINMAJOR: Added versioning on plugins.
    • changed argument to xmms functions to a callable instead of a class
    • PYTHON: renamed python_loop() to loop() and made xmms argument to XMMSSync optional.
    • CURL: fixed bug #209, set SSL_VERIFYPEER/HOST to 0
    • PYTHON: added playlist_changed_actions_t as constants
    • RUBY: Removed playlist_changed
    • PYTHON: removed playlist_changed
    • PLAYLIST: changed playlist changed msg to a dict instead of a own type
    • MAD: Cleaned up ID3v2 code and removed a strange bug with TXXX fields.
    • CLI: add 'mlib queryadd' for wild querys that should be added to the playlist
    • PYTHON: remove glib dependency. If you are using setup_with_gmain() in your python application you need to rework it. Example will be presented in due time.
    • MEDIALIB: Fixed a quoting bug with xmmsc_medialib_add_to_playlist()
    • PYTHON: clean-up and made pythonapi fully unicode aware
    • MAD: Added support for ID3v2.4 tags.
    • MAD: add warning if plugin not found!
  • Tuure Laurinolli:
    • CLI: Added mulitple selections for searchadd also
    • CLI: Added multiple selections to xmms2 mlib select, closes bug #183
    • PYTHON: changed HASHLIST to DICTLIST. old symbols.
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