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DrBombay is a bugfix release for Release:DrAlban. These releasenotes describes changes between DrAlban and DrBombay.

It does not contain any new features, but a number of important bugfixes.

Noteworthy bug fixes

  • Bug 527: Fixed crash on playlist_insert on empty playlists.
  • Bug 541: "enabled" configvalue is now created when effect plugins are loaded, not when they are enabled for the first time. This removes lots of confusion when adding an effect.
  • Bug 545: Encode url correctly when added to medialib in other ways than via the playlist.
  • Bug 578: Fix buffersize calculation in resampler.

Notes to client authors

  • xmmsc_sqlite_prepare_string now takes const char * instead.
  • PropDict's has_key() in pythonbindings now works correctly with implicit source.
  • size property is now available on media.

Notes to users

IMPORTANT: It also breaks medialib compability without upgrade. So you will have to recreate your medialib.

Also glib at least version 2.6 is required and enforced.

XMMS2 now ships with a new intro clip!

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