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Release Notes

Good news everyone. New release from the XMMS2 Team. DrCox is a bugfix / regression release which focuses on stability and some smaller feature enhancements. All users are recommended to upgrade to DrCox. The XMMS2 community is still growing with new users and contributors, just like any opensource project your involvement is necessary to bring the project forward. Please join us on IRC or our mailing list to participate.

A heartwarm thanks goes out to all contributors, hang-arounds and fans.

Next release is DrDoolittle which (despite the name) is probably going to include some big changes.


The medialib will dissapear due to changes in the tables. Please make a backup of it (xmms2d makes one for you also) if you want to keep your data.

Noteworthy changes

  • Bug 29 and Bug 484 - New mixer API.

The biggest feature introduced in DrCox is the new Mixer API. The new API supports multiple channels and doesn't suck so much for the clients to implement. All outputs (except JACK) has been ported to the new API. So enjoy.

  • Bug 121 - Fix race when writing message to clients.

A bug that has been with us for a long time that got fixed just days after the last release. Should rid us of problems with the IPC layer.

  • Bug 613 - Make it work on SQLite 3.3.3

An important fix to be compatible with newer SQLite. Please upgrade to sqlite 3.3.4 since 3.3.3 holds a stupid multithread bug.

  • Bug 624 - Set create correctly in xmms_sqlite_open
  • Bug 622 - Add transaction support to medialib.

During the testing period a lot of problems were found and corrected within the medialib, it should now work even better and be more stable.

New platforms

  • Bug 607 - Add support for DragonFlyBSD
  • Bug 619 - HP-UX portability.

Notes to client authors

No big changes for the API in this release. Some additions were made.

  • Bug 29 - The Mixer API has client functions.
  • Bug 600 - Gives you the ability to display the progress of the mediainfo reader in your client.
  • Bug 606 - Relative seeking also available.

Full ChangeLog

Alexander Botero-Lowry

  • Bug 598 - Remove old code blocks.
  • Bug 437 - Update documentation for xmms2d.

Anders Gustafsson

  • Bug 121 - Fix race when writing message to clients.
  • Bug 587 - Fix rounding error in resampler.
  • Bug 595 - Make xmms_medialib_entry_new* propagate errors.
  • Bug 613 - Make it work on SQLite 3.3.3
  • Bug 607 - Add support for DragonFlyBSD (from Robert Sebastian Gerus)
  • Bug 620 - Set default output with scons magic instead.
  • Bug 619 - Allow platforms with "-" in name.
  • Bug 623 - Don't start medialib sessions recursivly in xmms_medialib_select_and_add
  • Bug 624 - Set create correctly in xmms_sqlite_open
  • Bug 625 - Use ifnull(max(id),0) in prepare_playlist to avoid error with no playlists
  • Bug 626 - Make xmms_sqlite_query_table report errors via xmms_error_t
  • Bug 627 - Only report errors with xmms_log_error, use xmms_log_info for info
  • Bug 633 - Add medialib_begin debugging.
  • Bug 629 - Store url in transport to make life easier for playlistplugins.
  • Bug 634 - Make et report number of playlist loads and medialib resolves.

Bernhard Leiner

  • Bug 136 - Update sun output plugin.

Chris Morgan

  • Bug 576 - Fixes so that xmms2d doesn't abort when jackserver isn't reachable

Daniel Chokola

  • Bug 323 - Report FLAC bitrate from header.

Daniel Svensson

  • Bug 611 - XMMS2 cli client split to many files
  • Bug 610 - make query param to xmmsc_medialib_add_to_playlist const
  • Bug 577 - Teach APEv2 tag parser to parse more tags.
  • Bug 612 - Extract year from APEv2 tags.
  • Bug 618 - in xmms2 list only increase total_playtime with valid values.
  • Bug 382 - Don't mix async/sync in xmms2 cli status

Juho Vähä-Herttua

  • Bug 608 - Fix faad plugin to handle MusicBrainz tags.

Sebastien Cevey

  • Bug 615 - xmmsc_init now takes a const char* instead of a char*.
  • Bug 606 - Add relative seeking to clientlib.

Tilman Sauerbeck

  • Bug 29 and Bug 484 - New mixer API.
  • Bug 601 - Rename the "configlist" command to "config_list" for consistency.
  • Bug 602 - Mark the 'autosaved' playlist as an internal one.
  • Bug 603 - Make xmms_medialib_entry_to_list() fail if 'entry' is zero.
  • Bug 549 - Ruby documentation update from Dan Chokola with some tweaks and additions by myself.
  • Bug 599 - C89 cleanup patch from Alexander Botero-Lowry.
  • Bug 604 - Add volume control to the CLI. Patch by Dan Chokola.
  • Bug 600 - Ruby bindings for the new mediainfo reader calls.

Tobias Nygren

  • Bug 619 - HP-UX portability.

Tobias Rundström

  • Bug 579 - Add topsongs command to CLI client.
  • Bug 580 - Let callback based plugins propagate error from the status_method.
  • Bug 590 - Check medialib id before adding it to playlist.
  • Bug 600 - Added a status broadcast and a counter for the mediainfo reader.
  • Bug 600 - Add pythonbindings for the mediainfo reader status.
  • Bug 29 - Wrap the new volume API for Python.
  • Bug 605 - Let callback based plugins propagate errors.
  • Bug 29 - Fixed volume api in coreaudio plugin.
  • Bug 622 - Add transaction support to medialib.
  • Bug 627 - Report errors with xmms_log_error in wave plugin.
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