Reporting bugs

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If you think you found a bug in XMMS2, please report it to the bugtracker at (check for similar bugs first!)

The reason why the bugreporting tool requires you to register an account with a valid email adress is quite simple - we have little to no interest in bugreports from people we can't get hold of for additional information. Complaints about this will fall on deaf ears.

If you encountered a crash:

  • Please provide a backtrace.
  • Provide the output of xmms2d, which, if you used xmms2-launcher, resides in /tmp/xmms2.log. (See Understanding xmms2d output) Use the -v (verbose) option to make xmms2d output more details about what it's doing, for example, xmms2d -v or xmms2-launcher -v.
  • In the bug report, try and clarify what you were doing with XMMS2 when the crash occurred. For example "I added 12 Ogg Vorbis file from /home/bloggs/music/foo/, tried to jump to the 5th song, then XMMS2 crashed."
    • In short, try and explain how we can reproduce the bug so we can try to fix it.
  • Try and specify which version of XMMS2 you were using. For example, by running xmms2d --version (example output: XMMS version 0.1 DR1.1-WIP (git-commit: d380b65e6c2afa93ec2f6e371b8003455c9db7be)). You may also specify where you got the source code or binaries from.
  • Any extra information about your system setup would be appreciated:
    • Operating System (or Linux distribution name and version).
    • Version numbers of the tools you used to build XMMS2, if you built from source. (SCons, gcc, pyrex, python, etc)
    • Version numbers of library dependencies of XMMS2. (See the installation instructions for a list of dependencies)


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