Submitting code

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You can submit code for inclusion into the main XMMS2 tree for various reasons:

  • bug fixes
  • new plugins or features
  • cleanups, better documentation

The XMMS2 development team reserves the right to include or to exclude code at its own discretion.


In order to be considered for inclusion, your code should meet the following requirements:

  • comply with the XMMS2 Coding Style
  • be licensed under the LGPL. (or under a GPL-compatible license?)
  • does not violate the Design of XMMS2 (e.g. some really dodgy hack to allow XMMS2 to play video.. somehow)
  • compiles cleanly
  • submit your changes in one of the following ways:
    • An unified diff attached to a bug in the bugtracker (set the "Has patch" property to "Yes, needs review")
    • Unified diff sent to the mailinglist.
    • A public git repository that can be pulled from
  • if your change is more than a trivial one line change please add yourself to AUTHORS aswell.


  • Make sure that your code Works(tm) before submitting it, and that it doesn't introduce any major bugs (no bugs at all, would be preferred, of course ;).
  • It could make it easier for us if you provide the necessary SConscript files to build your code, if needed. (or modify the SConstruct, or files as needed - but please try not to break the existing build system)

How to do it

Contact us either via the mailing list or on IRC. You may attach patches to e-mails, or publish the code on the web and provide a URL.

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