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Excellent client. Compiled with no trouble under debian unstable amd64 and xmms2-devel.

Comments and suggetions

  • The scroller flicker. Doublebuffer would be cool.

 - Not sure about this, I can't reproduce the flicker and gtk widgets should be double buffered by default.

  • The scroller could be ever cooler with the "drag" feature of XMMS

 - Done. The latest git version supports the "drag" feature. :)

  • Application layout
    • Nicer icons would be cool ;)
    • Some way to see the playlist and the medialib at the same time
  • Medialib
    • Font sizes could be a lot smaller, more text == good.

 - Usually font sizes are controlled globally for all gtk applications, though I will add an option    to the config file where you can overwrite the default font size setting for the medialib. (Done)

    • A optional tree like structure of the medialib browser.
    • I think it would be nice to see the search in grouped layout. I.e. search for album Foo will show all albums matching on foo and then you could expand that entry to add individual files. Same with artists..
    • possibility to see the stored playlists (same here GtkTree?)
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