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please note that this project will probably _not_ be accepted by google, there faq clearly states the work should be code and nothing else! See Progster

Yes, you're right, SoC is about coding projects. Note that 1) the XMMS2 Wiki task didn't specify a documentation-only task, 2) the items on the Summer of Code 2006 page are only proposed projects - they're not a matter of "this is what you need to do - take it or leave it". It's up to the individual applicant (student) to submit a fully specified proposal with a detailed description, deliverables and schedule. To further clarify this particular task, here's an excerpt from an e-mail I sent to an interested student:

There are quite a few things on the to-do list for the XMMS2 wiki - we intend to make it the 
main web site for anything XMMS2-related, since that's where most of the information is 
currently located. However, I'm not entirely sure whether it will be sufficient work for a 
Summer of Code project. First of all, you seem to be a styling guru, so I'm not sure how 
proficient you are at dealing with backend stuff, like PHP coding, etc. (Also note that SoC 
projects have particular emphasis on coding ;)

Here's a rough to-do list for the wiki and associated ideas:
- Create a new distinctive style for the XMMS2 wiki. This should be in the form of a Mediawiki 
skin and may include a new colour scheme, graphical elements, new layout for various elements 
(side menu, page tabs - edit, history, etc, page content, footer, and so on) There are other 
open source projects that have done so with Mediawiki, for example, and
- Choose a logo for the XMMS2 project. As you can see on we've had a number of logo ideas submitted, but
1) quite a few of them are fairly low quality, 2) of the decent quality ones, we can't figure 
out which one to pick, 3) we haven't yet established a process for the community to pick a logo 
from the submitted ones. So, your mission, should you choose to apply for it, would be to either 
design a new logo that outshines the current submissions and therefore ends the whole logo 
debacle, or to improve the current logo page and propose a process for the community to choose a 
logo. ;) To this end, on the to-do list for the wiki, I've been looking at installing a 
Mediawiki extension that allows us to insert polls on wiki pages.
- Managing the wiki at present is a fairly low maintenance job, however upgrading it when a new 
Mediawiki version is released is a fairly involved process. I imagine this will grow even more 
complex as we add more extensions, such as the poll extension mentioned above, as well as (We also have a custom CAPTCHA hack on 
the account registration page, to help keep automated spammers at bay) I've been thinking about 
creating a new Git repository for managing this task, much like we've done fairly successfully 
with gitweb ( I haven't started on this task 
yet, so I'm imagining it will take a bit of work.. *However* I don't know whether this can be 
worked into a SoC project - remember, you have to have enough to do for 3 months. ;)
- Improve the organisation of XMMS2 project-related resources. This is pretty much a continuous 
process, but it might be possible that a significant reorganisation of current resources will 
make it easier to add new resources later, as well as improve navigability for users. For 
example, we currently have:
  - the wiki (
  - - aggregates blog feeds from multiple developers and related people
  - - displays results of current testing cycle, prior to release - may be replaced 
by a wiki bot at some stage
  - - the bug tracker
  - - the repository web interface
As part of this, the main page could also benefit from a facelift, not just style-wise (as 
described above), but in terms of content and links provided.

As you can see, it's mostly a collection of small to medium-sized tasks, no single big task you 
can really sink your teeth into for 3 months, as far as I can see.. If you do intend to apply 
for the SoC, I suggest you be creative with your proposal. You need to be able to propose a 
project that 1) is going to provide enough work to be done for about 3 months (try not to fall 
short of this target, or overshoot it) and 2) involves a fair amount of coding, I imagine (for 
example, the guidelines forbid documentation projects).
See also: 

Eleusis 20:36, 1 May 2006 (CEST)

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