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The page should be renamed "Why XMMS2 is better than MPD," because that's what it's actually about. Currently the title passes itself as a neutral comparison, when it obviously isn't.ø

I'm afraid I don't agree with that.. First of all, I did try to write the article to be as objective as possible. My intention was to provide an answer to the dozens of people intermittently asking "what's the difference between xmms2 and mpd?" or "why not just use mpd?". The intention was definitely not to start some silly zealot war about whether xmms2 or mpd was 'better'. My point of view is that both xmms2 and mpd have their pros and cons, and that's fine.. they're different projects where developers made different design and other decisions on various points - it doesn't automatically make one 'better' than the other. The sole judge of which player is better is the user - only he/she knows which player suits his/her needs and preferences better, and is therefore 'better' for them. In my case, I think I like xmms2 better, but it still doesn't mean it's better than mpd for everybody else. I know of at least one person who has a good reason to think that mpd provides a better client communication protocol. If you think the article isn't as neutral/objective as possible, can you please point out what parts of the text make you think so? However, do bear in mind that, since a large part of the article is written on a point-by-point basis, it does appear that xmms2 is better or worse than mpd in some respects, but that is fact, not some airheaded "i'm better than thou because i say so" zealot statement. I'm happy to correct any inaccurate information presented. Eleusis 20:25, 24 Aug 2005 (CEST)

re: "learning of playlists: whenever a song is played in full length it is rated up, when it is skipped it is rated down. Highly rated songs should be played more often in shuffle mode." precluding implementing this server-side is undesirable. Multiple users sharing a replay device may wish to share ratings. Users who change clients will not wish to have their settings reset. A truly sophisticated rating system can use significant resources, and having the option to place them on the replay device is highly desirable JoshuaRodman 03:50, 26 Oct 2005 (CEST)

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