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Comments on the logotype

tru: I really really like this ones. I like the speaker that doesn't look like an eye (top-left on the second image). Could we get a sample with that one and the "halo"? The others are to much eye-like, could they be done less eye-like?. I would also like to see these logos with the XMMS2 text somewhere. The ghost is kind of cool also. Colours are fine, the blue one esp.

simply beautiful. All of them. I'd like to see some indication of the software name, but otherwise, these are just plain attractive. 10:51, 16 Jul 2005 (PDT)

puzzles: I have to agree. Personally, I like the top two angled versions of concept 3. They have a Mac OSX-ish look to them and are very sleek, yet still simple enough to be easily recognizeable. Though I think tru is right about the eye look, perhaps you could add some shading around the white of the eye to make it look like a speaker cone? You clearly put some good effort into these and I'm even interested in using one of the scope-ghosts from concept 4 in my own client. Great work!

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