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VxJasonxV is a fanboy, and nothing more.

(But is that really a bad thing? :) )


Contributed to the DrDolittle ET packet tests. Contributed to the DrEvil ET packet tests. Actively using gxmms2, TurboX2, and insanity (from git), and providing feedback.

Capability for Abus- Testing

Open for testing under a Linux Environment ( Gentoo Linux 2006.1 ) Current `uname -a`: Linux picard 2.6.17-gentoo-r7 #1 Tue Jul 25 10:58:30 MST 2006 i686 Pentium III (Coppermine) GenuineIntel GNU/Linux Open for testing in a Windows XP (SP2) Environment Limited testing with Mac OS X (Tiger - 10.4) is also possible


PHP Bindings ( ;D )

Toys / Drafts

User:VxJasonxV/Sandbox/Template:RSS (yay SimplePie)

User:VxJasonxV/Sandbox/Template:RSSHeadlines (yay SimplePie x2)

User:VxJasonxV/Sandbox/Install_instructions (Sandboxing Waf Install Instructions until DrI/DrJekyll's release)

Contact Info

Reach me in IRC under the same username. ( / #xmms2 )

I'm a luser babyyyy, so why don't you kill meeee.
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