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Essential information for XMMS2 users. Please see the general info page as well, for instructions on how to install XMMS2.

  • Download XMMS2: Information about obtaining binaries and/or the source.
  • Using XMMS2: Helpful pointers to get you cranking up your music collection in no time. :)
  • XMMS2 Clients: Awesome list of cool XMMS2 clients to put you in control of your auditory experience. :)
  • Contribs: User contributions to XMMS2 which don't fit in the source tree.
  • XMMS2 vs MPD: Lists the similarities and differences between XMMS2 and MPD, featurewise, and in terms of design goals.
  • XMMS2 vs GStreamer: Why we didn't choose GST for audio decoding.
  • Other Projects: Other music players.
  • Using ICES Output: How to use the 'ices' output plugin.
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